How to supress a reboot when applying an App-V client hotfix delivered via Configuration Manager

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Every now and again we come across environments where desktop reboots are a very sensitive point and where forced, centrally initiated reboots are not acceptable. App-V tends to have numerous hotfixes released over the lifecycle of a major version; on the plus side they are cumulative however on the downside they do require a reboot.

So how can we make sure that these hotfixes do not automatically force a reboot when deployed via SCCM?

msiexec /update \\servername\location\AppV4.6SP1-WD-KB2671168-x86.msp REBOOT=REALLYSUPRESS /ql

Using this command line within a SCCM Task Sequence will allow you to deploy an App-V Hotfix without requiring an immediate forced reboot. Do note however, the hotfix will still require a reboot to complete and be applied, this just lets it be done as a manual task at a later point.

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