Hotfix 1 for App-V 5.0 Officially Released

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Yep that’s right HF1 for App-V 5.0 is officially released and publicly available, you can find it here. It fixes two identified issues, I have come across issue 2 recently and it is potentially an issue that anyone using App-V full infrastructure could have hit so it’s great to see it fixed.

Issue 1

When you try to run Sample Manager on Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0, the Sample Manager is blocked from reading data from the following path:

%AppData%\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Thermo\SampleManager\9.2.1\Exe

However, Sample Manager can write to the file location. Therefore, when Sample Manager cannot read the server configuration file in the file location, Sample Manager overwrites the file by using an empty file.

Issue 2

Consider the following scenario:

•You publish a version 1 package on a server.

•You log on to the client by using an administrator account.

•You confirm that the version 1 package is synched, and then you log off the client.

•You publish a version 2 package and then remove the version 1 package.

•You log on to the client by using a user account.

In this scenario, the version 2 package is not published and version 1 package is not removed. Additionally, the following error message is logged in the event log:

Log Name: Microsoft-AppV-Client/Admin

Source: Microsoft-AppV-Client

Date: Date&Time

Event ID: 1008

Task Category: Configure Package

Level: Error

Keywords: Publishing

User: Domain\user

Computer: Computer name

Description: Package {6d7ec20c-14ed-4317-8744-5f389e418fdb} version {d0e248bf-d5db-44f5-b37b-506ee75a5418} failed configuration in folder ‘C:\ProgramData\App-V\6D7EC20C-14ED-4317-8744-5F389E418FDB\D0E248BF-D5DB-44F5-B37B-506EE75A5418’ with error 0x4C401C0C-0x80070005.

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