App-V Management Server or Configuration Manager 2012 – A Feature Comparison

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This is a question that burns on the lips of many of the customers that I visit, especially those who are just starting out with this whole App-V thing. To make my life easier I have drawn up a feature comparison to make clear the fundamental differences from an application management and delivery standpoint. However, I am well aware that this is a very contentious and hotly debated subject, therefore before you check it out please read the following:


  • This only serves as a reference and does not advocate one delivery over another, rather outlines what each solution can offer, chose what works for you!
  • While the green and red are indicative of pros and cons it is important to remember, what someone may consider a disadvantage might be seen as completely irrelevant to someone else.
  • They are two very different beasts, SCCM is a massive all encompassing management solution and App-V Full Infrastructure is efficient and humble way to get packages out into your environment, by its nature SCCM will have a larger feature set, therefore I have tried to limit comparisons to only things that concern package management and delivery.
  • As always, feel free to ask questions or voice your opinions in the comments section at the end of the post!


App-V Server VS Configuration Manager 2012

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2 thoughts on “App-V Management Server or Configuration Manager 2012 – A Feature Comparison”

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes basically for App-V Server based environments we support roaming the publishing data so that in a non-persistent scenarios we don’t require to pull that info back down again to publish the applications, this basically streamlines the process so that on subsequent logons the user will get the applications much quicker. For CM there is no support for this and a policy refresh will need to be completed each time, this can mean a significant delay for user targeted apps.


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