App-V 5.0 RTM now released!

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BIG NEWS! App-V 5.0 has just been made publicly available as part of MDOP 2012 which also includes the release of UE-V! After much speculation about the App-V 5.0 release date its great to have it finally here…

Here’s the official announcement

Here’s where you can get it

Also here are some useful links to check out while you wait on that download:

App-V 4.6 to 5.0 – Comparison Cheat Sheet

App-V 5.0 – Legacy Package Conversion Report Creation

Introducing Virtual Application Extensions in App-V 5.0

Introducing Microsoft Office 2013 Preview App-V package

Introducing the App-V 5.0 Beta Sequencer: What Has Changed Since 4.6 SP1

Introducing Shared Content Store in App-V 5.0 (Goodbye Read Only Shared Cache!)


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