0A-00010007 – The application failed to launch

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Have you ever come across this error before?

Investigating further into the event logs we find the following explanation of what went wrong:

Registry staging! Now that’s something I have discussed in more detail here but essentially the cause of this error is due to the fact the App-V client registry staging subsystem (RSS) was unable to read the registry .dat stored in the holding location and commit it into to registry.

The holding location for our registry hives is %ProgramData%\Microsoft\AppV\Client\VREG. Go this location and see if any of the .dat files are named the same as the version ID of the package causing the issue, you probably find the hive is not present, this is your issue.

The likelihood is that the hive has been accidently deleted. The quickest way to get the client to copy this back into the holding area is by removing (remove-appvclientpackage) and adding (add-appvclientpackage) your package back in. As mentioned here, the VREG location is populated during the add phase. Try launching your application again and you should find it works again.

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