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Everything you need to know about App-V 5.0 SP3

App-V 5.0 SP3 is now available on MSDN as part of MDOP 2014 R2, there are some great features that you need to check out! Here are detailed posts detailing the key features of this release:

Connection Groups 2.0 – More Manageable & More Flexible

User RunVirtual Key

Merged Roots and PVAD changes

Require Admin for Publishing

– Advanced Connection Groups – The Sanity Check

You can download it as separate .ISO files or as part of MDOP 2014 R2:


Don’t get thrown off by the “Application Virtualization Hosting” – its just the desktop client, server and sequencer!

Check out Microsoft’s TechNet documentation on the release here.

Also check out Tim’s great breakdown of all the new features here.


15 Responses to Everything you need to know about App-V 5.0 SP3

  1. Jonas Berends

    Hi Thamim, when will this version of MDOP actually be available on de MS VL website for download? Currently we only see the previous version (containing App-V 5.0 SP2)… Cheers!

    5 Dec 2014 - Reply
  2. Jonas Berends

    Never mind, I looked in the wrong place: MSVL instead of MSDN… 🙂 My bad…

    5 Dec 2014 - Reply
    • Thamim Karim

      No problems. The RDS client will available on MS VL portal in due course…

      5 Dec 2014 - Reply
  3. Arokiyaraj

    Hello Thamim,

    I did downloaded Application Virtualization hosting for desktops 5.0 service pack 3(x86), SP3 is only for Client and server is it? I don’t see sequencer is it intentional?

    7 Jan 2015 - Reply
  4. Rahul

    Hi Thamim, your blog is very useful to learn AppV.
    I am facing a problem with appv 5.0 SP3 sequencer installation on windows 8.1. Even if I reboot, on first aplication monitoring, it shows a prompt a prompt that “The specified service has been marked for deletion”. Prompt comes from the AppvMon service. Have you noticed this & how do we solve it.

    4 Feb 2015 - Reply
    • Thamim Karim

      Hi Rahul,

      I have never seen his behaviour, have you verified the Sequencer has been successfully installed? My advice would be the check the installation logs and event viewer for more information…

      10 Feb 2015 - Reply
    • Jesse Harris

      Did you ever resolve this?
      I’m seeing this on my freshly built Win10 Sequencer.

      3 Feb 2016 - Reply
    • Michiel Dijcks

      Removing the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\appvmon registry key, and then rebooting does the trick for me, and as such it’s become part of every sequencer install script.

      6 Mar 2017 - Reply
  5. Alex

    Hi Thamim!
    Tried to sequence some not usual package using 5.0 sp3. One of the shortcuts starts application without UI, so its like a service. After application was launched it is “in use” and could not be removed. All the scripting in the Deployment Configuration (RemovePackage, UnpublishPackage) is not started while it is in use.
    So how to kill the process before the remove?

    27 Apr 2015 - Reply
  6. Keane

    can you advise if any applications created in appv 5.o sp2 will not work as connection groups in sp3?
    i have an issue where by this works in sp2, but on upgrade and using sp3 and recreating connection groups it no longer works?

    1 May 2015 - Reply
    • Thamim Karim

      Hi Keane,

      In theory there shouldn’t be any issues with this. Can you confirm what the actual issues is and how it presents itself in App-V 5.0 SP3? Have you checked the relevant event logs?

      1 May 2015 - Reply
  7. Arokiyaraj

    Hi Thamim –

    I have quick question.. is it possible to visualize applications having 2 way communication requirement. Similar to client server/apps.

    7 Dec 2015 - Reply
    • Thamim Karim


      Can you elaborate what you mean? App-V isn’t suitable for server workloads if that’s what you are referring to

      8 Dec 2015 - Reply

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