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Package Update Options: App-V 5.0 Sequencer

Apr 07, 2015 - Virtual Vibes - 5 Comments - Standard

I am frequently asked about the various options available when updating a package using App-V 5.0. In this post I will clarify some of the key decision points and how they will impact the way you deliver your updated package. Control Updates within the Sequencing Process A commonly asked question is whether we should allow […]

Mar 23, 2015 - Virtual Vibes - 0 Comments - Standard

2018 Winter Dates Now Live!!   App-V 5.1 Sequencing Advanced Techniques and Troubleshooting 13th – 14th November 2018 London – East Central – App-V 5.1 Infrastructure Deployment, Administration and Management 15th November 2018  London – East Central

Advanced Connection Groups – The Sanity Check

Feb 03, 2015 - Virtual Vibes - 8 Comments - Standard

Since the release of App-V 5.0, connection groups have been a highly rated feature of the release, it is something that brought about a whole new level of flexibility and manageability compared to dynamic suite composition in 4.x. However connection groups have evolved overtime and there are many nuances to behaviours depending on how they […]

Issue with RequirePublishAsAdmin with SCCM 2012 and User Targeting

Jan 13, 2015 - Virtual Vibes - 0 Comments - Standard

SP3 for App-V 5.0 introduced a new feature called RequirePublishAsAdmin which allows Administrators to restrict non-admins publishing packages to themselves if they are already added to the machine. For a full run down of this feature read here, it was on this post a commenter brought up the question of whether or not this feature […]

Everything you need to know about App-V 5.0 SP3

Dec 04, 2014 - Virtual Vibes - 15 Comments - Standard

App-V 5.0 SP3 is now available on MSDN as part of MDOP 2014 R2, there are some great features that you need to check out! Here are detailed posts detailing the key features of this release: – Connection Groups 2.0 – More Manageable & More Flexible – User RunVirtual Key – Merged Roots and PVAD changes – Require […]

RequirePublishAsAdmin in App-V 5.0 SP3

Dec 04, 2014 - Virtual Vibes - 2 Comments - Standard

Right so pre SP3 for App-V 5.0, aslong as a package was added into the client cache, any user (admin or non admin) could go ahead and publish the application to themselves with a quick and easy line or PowerShell. There weren’t really many ways to negate this apart from custom ACLs on the package […]