Jan 07, 2014 - 1 Comments - Virtual Vibes -

Architecture and Version Support with App-V 5.0

Hope you all had a great holiday season with friends and family!

Time to kick off the New Year with some more App-V! With the release of SP2 for App-V the questions around supportability and backwards compatibility have arisen once again.

This is the same as it has always been in that we support the delivery on 32-bit packages sequenced on 32-bit sequencers to both client architectures. However what we do not support is the sequencing of a 32-bit package on a 64-bit sequencer and delivery of that package back down to a 32-bit client.

5.0 SP2 Sequencer and client have brought along new changes and integrations, therefore while SP2 packages will likely still work with previous clients some of the new integrations won’t and if your package really isn’t behaving as expected our support teams will recommend either re-sequencing the package on the earlier sequencer or upgrading your clients.

Shell extensions are one of the key new integrations with SP2 for 5.0, just be aware they are architecture specific so we only support them on the same architecture they were sequenced on.