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App-V 5.1 Announcement, Project C and App-V at Ignite 2015 – Chicago

**App-V 5.1 has now been released | For the App-V 5.1 Feature Run Down – Click here**

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Wow, what an amazing trip to Chicago that was! Ignite was buzzing with people, technology and some really great sessions. Despite the fact that there was only two App-V focused sessions in the week we still managed to pack in the announcements and some really cool content.

App-V 5.1


The next release of App-V (5.1) scheduled for this summer got a lot of love this Ignite with the official announcements being made in both mine and Briton’s session and Steve and Aaron’s. With improvements to the server console, package conversion, scripting capabilities, package editor, CoW support among other things, do make sure you check out the sessions below for more information.


Now App-V 5.1 has been released you can check out all the new features here.

Project C


Project Centennial is probably one of the most positive announcements in recent times concerning App-V and its wider adoption as a standard. It gives even more confidence to everyone that it is core to Microsoft’s strategy going forward and affirming that anyone who uses App-V already is on the right path for the future of the Windows platform. This particular project focuses on the conversion of classic apps to universal and uses underlying App-V capabilities to achieve this. Check out John Sheehan’s session at the Build conference the week before Ignite for an in-depth look, also be sure to check out the Ignite sessions to hear from Senior PM Manager Briton and Senior PM Aaron on this topic.


Check mine and Briton’s session here where we talk about how to get the most from connection groups in App-V 5.0:

App-V 5.0 SP3: Advanced Connection Groups

Also don’t miss Steve (aka The Gladiator) and Aaron’s session here which covers some great techniques on how to get the most from both App-v and UE-V:

Better Dynamic Application Delivery through UE-V & App-V