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App-V 5.0 Capacity Planning Highlights

As announced last week, we recently published a great article on TechNet covering App-V 5.0 Capacity Planning. There is a lot of really valuable information in the article which will be essential when sizing out your App-V environment so head over and check it out.

I thought I would call out some of the key metrics from the article in some graphical highlights for you all…








4 Responses to App-V 5.0 Capacity Planning Highlights

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    1 May 2014 - Reply
  2. Ruben Koene

    Hi Thamim,
    Nice post! Ís there also a sheet for virtual servers instead of physical servers? Or can I easily translate a Dual Quad Core, to 8vCPU?
    Ruben Koene

    11 Feb 2016 - Reply
    • Thamim Karim

      Hi Ruben,

      I believe these figures were actually tested on virtual servers so you can safely assume they should be applicable as you mention.

      26 Feb 2016 - Reply
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    28 Apr 2016 - Reply

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