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0A-00010007 – The application failed to launch

Jan 21, 2014 - Virtual Vibes - 1 Comments - Standard

Have you ever come across this error before? Investigating further into the event logs we find the following explanation of what went wrong: Registry staging! Now that’s something I have discussed in more detail here but essentially the cause of this error is due to the fact the App-V client registry staging subsystem (RSS) was […]

Architecture and Version Support with App-V 5.0

Jan 07, 2014 - Virtual Vibes - 1 Comments - Standard

Hope you all had a great holiday season with friends and family! Time to kick off the New Year with some more App-V! With the release of SP2 for App-V the questions around supportability and backwards compatibility have arisen once again. This is the same as it has always been in that we support the […]