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The Basic Mechanics of a Publishing Refresh with App-V

Oct 30, 2013 - Virtual Vibes - 4 Comments - Standard

With App-V we have something called “Full Infrastructure”, this is used to refer to an App-V Management Server based method of delivery for App-V packages. App-V 4.x In App-V 4.x we had the App-V Management Server role which was responsible for not only managing the packages but also servicing client requests to refresh and publish […]

The Issues of Sequencing .bat Shortcuts in App-V 5.0

Oct 17, 2013 - Virtual Vibes - 0 Comments - Standard

It not unusual that in the mix of all your weird and wonderful applications you will have a handful that will leverage a .bat file shortcut to kick off your application. Let’s deep dive into the mechanics of sequencing and delivering these type of applications. Take this example where I have sequenced an application and […]