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App-V 5.0 OS Integration – Part 2 – File System Cache

Mar 28, 2013 - Virtual Vibes - 50 Comments - Standard

Following on from my post App-V 5.0 OS Integration – Part 1 – Package Format  where we talked about how a App-V 5.0 package is made up, now we can move on to look at how this package is reflected on your client operating system after the package has been delivered in terms of file […]

Hotfix 1 for App-V 5.0 Officially Released

Mar 21, 2013 - Virtual Vibes - 0 Comments - Standard

Yep that’s right HF1 for App-V 5.0 is officially released and publicly available, you can find it here. It fixes two identified issues, I have come across issue 2 recently and it is potentially an issue that anyone using App-V full infrastructure could have hit so it’s great to see it fixed. Issue 1 When […]

App-V 5.0 OS Integration – Part 1 – Package Format

Mar 12, 2013 - Virtual Vibes - 10 Comments - Standard

In this series of posts I am going to take you behind the scenes of how our packages integrate with our operating system in App-V 5.0. The most logical place to start is with the package itself and understanding what is output by our Sequencer. Let’s take this Paint.NET package and try to understand how […]

App-V 5.0 Standalone Mode – Adding and Publishing a Package

Mar 12, 2013 - Virtual Vibes - 40 Comments - Standard

Deploying a package in standalone mode in App-V 5.0 is really really simple! I recommend having a standalone client somewhere to everyone I talk to regardless of infrastructure choices because it is the easiest way to quickly test a package before deploying to an environment. There are two main steps to stand alone package delivery in […]